Day after Tomorrow Robert A. Heinlein

ISBN: 9780451026491

Published: April 28th 1965


144 pages


Day after Tomorrow  by  Robert A. Heinlein

Day after Tomorrow by Robert A. Heinlein
April 28th 1965 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 144 pages | ISBN: 9780451026491 | 10.47 Mb

Sixth Column, aka The Day After Tomorrow, is a Robert A. Heinlein novel based on a John W. Campbell story about a USA conquered by a Sino-Japanese PanAsian combination. Published in Astounding Science Fiction (1-3/41 by Anson MacDonald) it came out in hardback in 49.A secret research facility in the Colorado mountains is the US Armys last outpost after defeat by the PanAsians.

The conquerors had absorbed the USSR after being attacked by them & had then absorbed India. Theyre ruthless, having crushed a rebellion by killing 150,000 civilians as punishment.The lab is in turmoil. All but six have died due to unknown forces released by an experiment operating within the newly-discovered magneto-gravitic or electro-gravitic spectra.

Survivors learn they can selectively kill by releasing the internal pressure of cell membranes. This weapon can kill one race while leaving others unharmed.They devise more uses for the forces discovered. But how do a handful overthrow occupiers who control all communications & make it criminal to print English? Noting the invaders have allowed religious practice to pacify their slaves, they start a church & act as Priests of Mota (atom backwards) to build a resistance movement which Major Ardmore, the protagonist, calls the 6th Column--as opposed to a traitorous 5th.

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